How to Keep Millennial Workers: Employee Retention
About the Book, "Keeping the Millennials"

Keeping The Millennials by Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) & Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed explores the cultural influences that shaped the upbringing, character and expectations of Generation Y, commonly referred to as Millennials.

The authors discuss how the Millennials are shaking up their workplace and how managers will need to adapt in order to capitalize on the younger generation's talents, education and skills.

Readers will discover...

  • How to resolve the inevitable "culture clash" that occurs when Millennials join members of Generation X, Baby Boomers and the Mature Generation in the workplace.
  • Ways to leverage the talents and skills of Millennials that can also re-energize the work climate.

  • New strategies for attracting the most talented Millennial employees.

  • How members of Generation X fit into the equation while managing a diverse multigenerational environment.

  • Strategies for creating a workplace culture that Millennials find appealing and motivating.

  • Which leadership techniques work with Millennials and which fall flat.

  • The best practices for preparing Millennials to advance up the organization and assume leadership roles.

  • Communication approaches that are effective for Keeping the Millennials engaged.

  • Creative new ways to market your organization to Millennials.

  • The best ways to prepare your organization to meet the Millennial challenge head on.
We talked to Millennials and asked them to reflect on their expectations in the workplace. See the videos now!


"Dr. Ferri-Reed was an excellent speaker for our group of 35 nonprofit professionals. She tailored her presentation to the needs of the nonprofit sector and incorporated new material into her work. Thanks, Jan, for challenging us to think differently about how to do our work!"
~ Yvonne Van Haitsma, Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University

"I thought Jan’s presentation was EXCELLENT. Great speaker, who knew the subject well and the topic kept my attention."
~ Mark O’Connor, Slippery Rock University

"One thing I liked about Dr. Ferri-Red’s presention was her use of concrete examples to illustrate important concepts – i.e. her discussion of the “pink pony award” as a fun engaging method of employee engagement. She was a strong speaker with a thoughtful perspective on intergenerational interactions in the workforce."
~ Heidi Bachman, Duquesne University

"This is a great book and a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand the young people who are now or will soon join the workforce. It’s one of the most useful, value-added books about the Millennial Generation."
~ Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management, University of Southern California, and author of On Becoming a Leader

"Are you confused trying to understand the younger generation? Keeping the Millennials explores this fascinating generation raised with technology and the challenges they bring to the workplace. Read this great book and learn how to attract, hire and retain this dynamic new generation!"
~ Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 best-selling author of What Got You There Won’t Get You There and the recently published Succession: Are You Ready?

"Keeping the Millennials is a lively and insightful book that's essential reading for every leader who aspires to enlist the hearts, minds, and spirits of a highly talented new generation that demands cool workplaces but is reluctant to make long-term commitments. Weaving together compelling cases and relevant research with illustrative examples and practical tips, Joanne Sujansky and Jan Ferri-Reed have written a balanced and INDISPENSABLE GUIDE to recruiting, retaining, and developing the workforce that will drive the future of our organizations and our economies."
~ Jim Kouzes Bestselling coauthor of The Leadership Challenge

"I LOVE this book!!! It’s fresh as a ‘breaking news’ flash and as fun to read as your favorite blog! Definitely rates an ‘A+’ as timely, targeted and terrific. All managers will clearly see themselves and their employees in crisp new perspectives…and can easily latch on to precise tools to make their organization more competitive in a turbulent reality."
~ Morris Massey, Ph.D., creator of the What You Are Is… video training series,

"The Millennials are coming!! In this important and timely work, you have the tips and tools that will assist you to more effectively acknowledge and appreciate the values, mores and culture of this growing element of our workforce. Based on the authors’ solid research, you will learn tested techniques to better understand Millennials and to create a more harmonious work environment. Take their advice and 'just do it.'"
~ Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP Past National President, ASTD, MPI and NSA Coauthor: McGraw-Hill's Games Trainers Play series

"The most successful organizations are those that achieve 'best in class' financial results while growing a vibrant culture built on trust and respect for individuals. Joanne and Jan have identified the priorities of the Millennials and have given us expert tools, advice and ideas to enable our organizations to be winners."
~ Bill Mills, VP - Human Resources GSK Consumer Healthcare North America

"In my 34 years with the University I can certainly be a testament to the Millennials being unique. This is a "MUST READ" for not only corporate leaders but, also, coaches and educators. It’s filled with practical tips based on solid research."
~ Carol Sprague Senior Associate Athletic Director University of Pittsburgh

"When I started to read this book, I couldn’t put it down. I know the importance of retaining high-performance employees who support patients and families at an extraordinary level of service. This book provides techniques and tools for understanding, managing and keeping this talented generation – and others as well. Thanks Joanne and Jan for this outstanding contribution to the field of leadership and talent management."
~ David Miles CEO The Children’s Institute

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Purchase the NEW book "Millennials 2.0:
Empowering Generation Y"
A new book on how to retain Generation Y workers
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They’re well-educated, tech savvy, ambitious, self-confident
... and in a just few years they’ll be running the world! Introducing...

Millennials 2.0:
Empowering Generation Y

When the Millennial generation began entering the workplace a decade ago they were the most technologically savvy and best-educated generation in history. Also know as “Generation Y,” they were supremely self-confident and had high expectations for themselves. They were going to shake up the work place. And shake it up they did!

But Millennial employees proved to very different from their Baby Boomer and Gen X predecessors. The Millennials’ seemingly unrealistic expectations, poor work-ethic and impatience irritated older employees. In the meantime, the previous generation annoyed Millennials with their “Do it My Way” philosophy and tenuous grasp of technology. This intergenerational conflict threatens to create havoc in the workplace as the younger generation begins rising towards upper management positions over the next decade. But savvy managers are already taking concrete steps to integrate Millennials and Baby Boomers into high performing teams.

Millennials 2.0, the follow-up to co-author Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed’s best selling book Keeping the Millennials, presents a fresh look at the challenges and opportunities of recruiting, managing and developing Millennial employees. The new book is packed with strategies for recruiting and managing Millennial employees, including tips for:

  • Building a Millennial-friendly workplace culture.
  • On-boarding new Millennial workers to get them started on the right foot.
  • Managing and minimizing intergenerational conflict.
  • Mentoring Millennials for increased motivation and productivity.
  • Coaching Millennials on their career-limiting behaviors.
  • Implementing work-flex plans that motivate Millennials.
  • Preparing tomorrow’s Millennial leaders to assume the reins of power.

Millennials 2.0 is a practical, insightful guide to getting the most out of your Millennial employees and preparing them for future leadership opportunities.

It’s the indispensable book for any manager charged with leading Generation Y! Click here to order now!

Purchase the book "Keeping the Millennials"
A new book on how to retain Generation Y workers
Order Keeping the Millennials from
Order Keeping the Millennials from
Order Keeping the Millennials from
Order Keeping the Millennials from

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